The Journal on Advances in Theoretical and Applied Informatics – JADI (ISSN 2447-5033), is an open access journal published by the University Centre Eurípides of Marilia (UNIVEM). JADI is an online publication with the objective of promoting the dissemination of technical-scientific research, produced by world-class academics and industry professionals from information technology and related areas, such as Information Systems, Information Sciences, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, IT Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Article submissions are opened in continuous flow.

In general, JADI publishes theoretical and applied research of the following topics: 

  • New models, architectures, methodologies and frameworks of software design
  • Model-driven software engineering
  • Methods for security, maintenance and reliability in software
  • Quality-driven software methodologies and architectures
  • New tools and environments for software engineering
  • Ubiquitous, pervasive and mobile software engineering
  • Embedded and distributed software
  • Automation, real-time, dynamic and critical systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and autonomous approaches
  • Decision-making systems and support tools
  • Systems, methods and models for data, information and knowledge management
  • Data and information quality management
  • Information Systems Management
  • Information management and competitive intelligence
  • Collaborative systems and human-computer interaction
  • Agent-based and multi-agent architectures
  • Ontologies, languages and protocols
  • Tools, applications and WEB environments
  • Case studies and emergent technologies
  • Innovation in information technology