Interface de Usuários para o Enriquecimento da Consciência Situacional em Sistemas de Gerenciamento de Emergência

  • Natália Oliveira
  • Fábio Rodrigues
  • Jessica Souza
  • Leonardo Botega
  • Regina Araújo


Situational Awareness (SAW) is a concept widely used in areas that require critical decision making, such as in the field of emergency management. SAW is related to the level of perception and understanding that an individual has about real events occurring in complex scenarios, which must be managed by critical systems. Such critical systems require specialized user interfaces (UI) to give operators a dynamic understanding of what is happening in the environment. A challenging issue in the design of SAW-oriented interfaces is to determine how the human-computer interface process can be constructed for SAW enrichment, considering environments with heterogeneous data sources, limitations in data quality, and ever-changing situations. The problem increases when information is subject to uncertainties, which may compromise the situation analysis process. In addition, humans make decisions based on their own understanding of the event, which allied with experience and knowledge can be valuable assets to be used to process situational information about emergencies for the acquisition of SAW. The objective of this work is to demonstrate how to include a SAI-oriented UI in the process of evaluating emergency situations and to present the development of a UI that promotes the management of situational information of emergencies to promote the acquisition of SAW. The results present a specified routine for employing specialized UIs in SAW as part of a situation assessment process, which supports a strong integration between the human operator and other phases of the process, such as quality assessment, data fusion and information visualization , As well as a prototype interface that meets the process. A case study with a critical scenario of a theft event is also presented to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed approach

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OLIVEIRA, Natália et al. Interface de Usuários para o Enriquecimento da Consciência Situacional em Sistemas de Gerenciamento de Emergência. Journal on Advances in Theoretical and Applied Informatics, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 1, p. 60-71, oct. 2015. ISSN 2447-5033. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 30 jan. 2023. doi: