Four Factors that will shape the Future of Work

  • Michal Beno City University of Seattle


The future of work is shaped by technological progress, globalisation and glocalisation, and societal and institutional change. As a result of recent developments, a diverse world of work with significant differences in working conditions by industry and occupation will develop, with a focus on creative, interactive and more complex activities with essential skills. At the same time, demands on companies with regard to innovation and flexibility are growing. To understand the future of work, we believe it is essential to explore four major factors that will impact on the future of work: 1) Technological progress, IT platforms, the sharing and knowledge economy; 2) Demographic, social and environmental changes; 3) Globalisation and glocalisation; and 4) Labour flexibility. Our aim is to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the future of work by examining these four key factors that influence today’s labour market, because this market is agile, since people can work anywhere at any time. In summary, seeing automation as synonymous with job losses is not correct. We contend that it is a mistake to believe that globalisation and technological advances lead to a reduction in the demand for human employees. However, it is possible that the opposing viewpoints of those who agree and those who disagree with this opinion are causing a polarisation of the workforce. Changes in our society, such as the constantly evolving demography, as well as environmental issues and ICT, have an influence on the way we work, and when, how and where we work.

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